All levels Practice-based Long Session (45 minutes)

How to engage & inspire students through context, scene setting & structure

Fri, Aug 5, 21:00-21:45 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Friday later

Geoff teaches English through the format of book clubs. How does he help to engage students in the choice of book? How does he help the setting, author and characters come alive? How can we create a programme structure that leads to inspired and motivated readers? Geoff will show how he provides an engaging and motivating start to a course by going outside the text to look at location and setting, the author’s background, and cultural or historical aspects to bring the text to life. He will show numerous practical examples of how he does this such as using Google Earth for location setting; using author interviews or movie clips; biographies, and of course the book itself. This session is aimed at teachers looking for ideas to ensure a motivating start to an extensive reading programme.

  • Geoff Hardy-Gould

    Geoff Hardy-Gould teaches with Book Club School, an innovative approach to teaching English with Literature. He is a teacher and teacher trainer with many years of experience in UK language schools with Regent, OISE and Pilgrims. He has frequently presented at conferences including IATEFL and TESOL Italia 2021.